Army Lesbians
This isnt me or anyone i know. I found it on goooooogle

This isnt me or anyone i know. I found it on goooooogle


So, I am back from the “field.” For those of you who are in the Army and know what being in the field is like, this was not it. This was really stupid. We set up a tent beside a vet clinic (I am a 68T, vet tech), the enlisted soldiers slept in the freezing ass cold tent, and the officers slept in the nice, warm clinic. Then instead of doing fun stuff like shooting weapons and such, we did inventory of two of our officers “go to war, vet sets.” It was the dumbest thing I have experienced as of yet in the Army. Anyways, just had to vent for a bit. I am trying to make up my absence, but as Samm pointed out earlier this week, I just turned 21, so I will more than likely be m.i.a. this weekend. I plan on being very intoxicated this weekend, so Tumblr might be on hold for me. So, until I get back keep submitting!! 


Thank you, baby. It will be better once we get used to it. Just give it a week or so. I miss you. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

I know its difficult because we havnt not spoke this long before ever Hah a couple more days. But then im black on the road into the mountains where I wont have any phone service. The next two months will suck. I won’t be using my phone at all. So it will be longer than a week babe.